Sylvia Thomas with Anshu Saxena, physical therapist

Sylvia Thomas was at the library when she accidentally tripped over her cane and fell.


Her fall resulted in immense pain and, later, the diagnosis of a fractured left femur.


On Jan. 11, 2017, Thomas came to Life Care Center of Michigan City, Indiana, for therapies to help her get back home safely. When she arrived, she needed extensive assistance to balance while sitting or standing, bathing and getting dressed, as well as to transfer from one surface to another (such as from the bed to a chair). She couldn’t walk without extensive assistance, either, and she needed moderate assistance with hygiene tasks and eating.


Physical therapists met with Thomas seven days a week to help her rebuild strength, balance and endurance. They used traditional PT resistance exercises, the Omnicycle exercise bicycle and a standing frame, to help her progress toward her goals. Occupational therapists met with her six days a week to work on helping her do the things she would need to do at home to take care of herself.


“The therapists were very good,” said Thomas. “It was positive and not too hard.”


Thomas returned home on Feb. 21 with assistance from home health care services. She continues to improve daily and is thankful to all the Life Care Center of Michigan City team members who helped her reach her goal: to go home successfully.