Grace Bowen, right, with Natalie England, physical therapist assistant

On March 18, 2017, Grace Bowen came to Life Care Center of Michigan City, Indiana, for rehabilitation after fracturing her lumbar.


Bowen underwent physical therapy seven days a week and occupational therapy six days a week. When she started, she needed extensive assistance with bathing and all of her mobility activities, from walking to balance while sitting and standing. She also needed some assistance with her hygiene tasks and getting dressed.


The therapy team worked with Bowen on therapeutic exercises and activities, and they used electrical stimulation to promote tissue healing. Neuromuscular re-education also allowed her to maximize her recovery.


“I am very satisfied with the services I received here,” said Bowen. “Overall, the friendliness of the staff, facility accommodations and food and dining experience were very good.”


Bowen reached her goals of being able to walk, transfer from one surface to another, sit and stand with only supervision. She returned home on April 14 with home health and was independent in most of her activities of daily living.